FARPER CHEMICALS commenced production in 1984 with textile auxiliary chemicals. Industrial cleaning and special purpose technical chemicals, ceramic auxiliary chemicals, protective coatings against grafitti for natural stone, marble and cement, defoamers, emulsifiers, welding chemicals, metal surface treatment products, marine cleaning and maintenance agents, mold releases and finally glass enamel paint were respectively added to the product portfolio.


At FARPER CHEMICALS, we are relentlessy focused on producing safe and reliable chemicals to meet our customers need.

We develop creative and innovative solutions for our customers accompanied with technical support and after sale services.

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner while protecting the environment.



Our company was built on three key pillars:

·    R&D activities to develop novel new products and to reach new customers 

·    Continually improve our existing products and manufacturing processes through R&D and based on feedback received from customers after sale.

·    Safety and Environmental Stewardship to identify and mitigate environmental and safety risks and efficiently use natural resources and assets.