Research & Development is one of the primary activities of FARPER CHEMICALS and this is emphasized by the fact that FARPER hasPolymer Research  and Surface Chemistry Laboratories besides the Product Development Laboratories.

Within Research Laboratories, chemical analysis byFTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroskcopy) and GC (Gas Chromatography) and particle size analysis by DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) are performed.

In our laboratories;  stability tests are achieved by a light scattering  method. Solutions,  suspensions and emulsions are characterized in terms of rheological properties, viscosity, surface tension, density and stability.

All our products are analysed by the most elaborative and advanced techniques starting from formulation to quality control. Besides new products, we also serve by developing new analysis methods for specific purposes. 



FARPER CHEMICALS develops new products serving in accordance with customer demands as well as experimental studies within the context of innovative projects. Every project is/has been planned and implemented by meeting through ISO 9001 requirements.

R&D studies includes specific synthesis methods consisting of polymerization, sulfonation and esterification.  Chemical and physical analysis of products are performed by instrumental analysis methods for determination of compositions and comparisons of product performances.  

R&D activities of  FARPER CHEMICALS also cover projects supported by governmental organizations such as TUBITAK and IZKA.

Ourproject "Development of Acrylic Dispersing Agents for Mineral Suspensions" supported by  TUBITAK has been successfully completed between 01.01.2011 and 31.03.2012. Analysis methods developed through the study has been presented and published via  IV. International Polymer Science and Technology Symposium.

Another project “Production of Digital Printing Inks with Nano-scale Pigments", supported by IZKA agency,  has been complemented in 2013 and been offerred to ceramic tile market.