It is easy to wash the face of the city anymore, FARPER CHEMICALS offers anti-grafiti coating K-PER:

K-PER is a water-borne protective coating offered for its excellent surface properties. It forms a wax-like polymer layer on surface which provides easy cleaning of any stain, paint and color that causes undesired look. It is the most favourable solution against graffiti.   Application of K-PER  does not cause any change on original appearance of the surface and maintains the original look against weathering conditions, too.

It can be applied on any structure and simply by brush.


FARPER CHEMICALS offers PRO-PER with water-borne and solvent-borne options to serve for protection of historical entities and buildings made of natural stones against weathering.

PRO-PER is a silicone based coating for stone and marble and provides protection against corrosive atmospheric conditions. It maintains the natural look of the surface and allows the material to breathe.  It has a high chemical resistance to protect natural material from corrosive effects of salt water and acidic environment caused by pollution besides harsh weathering conditions. It is a longlasting product which does not peel, crack or yellow.

PRO-PER is a unique protective coating especially for historical artworks and buildings made from stone and similar materials.