“GlassEnamel Paint” Research&Development Project initiated in 2014 for Construction – Furniture and White Goods sectors has been finalized by 2015 and production has been started upon the completion of invesment infrastructure in 2016.
FARPER CHEMICALS generating innovative solutions directed at the fundamental properties of glass enamel paint such as opacity,
brightness, color intensity, physical and chemical durability continues to improve its product group with new commodities responding to evolving necessities. With its environmental consciousness FARPER CHEMICALS is in possession of ROHS and REACH certificates, producing solely lead-free paints which applied with serigraphy, rotocolor and spraying technique do not contain heavy metals.
Apart from glass enamel paints released to the market under the brand of GLASSPER, glass mediums specially formulated for dyes used on glass surfaces and marking inks used for the signification of defects on float glass are also included in our portfolio.