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Conducting R&D and production activities in industrial hygiene products since more than thirty years, FARPER CHEMICALS offers special products like rust and corrosion  inhibitors for industrial steamboilers, scale inhibitors for cooling towers and chillers, phosphating chemicals,  protective oils  and grease cleaners for metal surfaces in industrial applications which have been developed with extensive studies. FARPER also possesses a wide range of products in the field of industrial hygiene thus giving the possibility of R&D and formulation consultancies.

Corrosion Inhibitors and Cleaning Chemicals

Water based acidic chemicals used for cleaning the stain and corrosion on metal surfaces provide high performance due to its protective characteristic. Through its effective formula; they do not harm the metal surfaces due to its anti-corrosion nature and inhibit the formation of rust and corrosion on metal surfaces. 

Scale Inhibitors and Cleaning Chemicals

Scale inhibitor is an acidic cleaner which removes effectively a wide range of process and product residues such as inorganic salts and scales in cooling and boiler systems such as cooling towers and chillers. Through its effective formula; they do not harm the metal surfaces due to its anti-corrosion nature and prevent scale building in inhibiting precipitation and deposition of calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and other low solubility salts. FARPER offers tailor made solutions based on the needs of customers with its profound experience in this sector.

Oil and Grease Cleaner

Degreasing chemicals which demonstrate high performance are consisted of two groups; solvent and water-based. The product group which is solvent-based provides adherence features on vertical surfaces. As to water-based products, tailor-made solutions are developed in accordance with customer needs based on the amount of oil and stain.

Phosphating (Metal Pre-Treatment) Chemicals

Phosphatization agents form a phosphate layer which perfectly inhibits oxidation and rust on metal surface. Phosphatization chemicals has the capability of combining two functions; forming a layer of phosphate to prevent oxidation as well as cleaning the surface. It is compatible with specific coatings applied on metal surfaces.

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals which vary with respect to the desired application are developed in accordance with special solutions as surface disinfectants, heavy dirt remover, oil purifying soaps, deodorization chemicals and silicon-based protective chemicals.

Industrial Coolants

Industrial coolants are liquid chemicals which protect against freezing and overheating in the processes such as boilers and chillers. It also reduces corrosion formation due to its additives.

Defrosting and Antifreezing Chemicals

Defrosting and antifreezing fluids are high performance chemicals easily and safely applied to surfaces which inhibit freezing. This product group in liquid form offers extended anti-icing holdover protection .

Drilling Foam

Drilling foam is a foam making material formulated for mine search and pneumatic water drills which contains long-chain alcohol mixture. It is a water based neutral product and does not contain any solvent. FARPER's drilling foam is compatible with all water based drilling liquids including hard waters.