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FARPER CHEMICALS specialized in the field of Textile Auxiliary Chemicals since its foundation possesses a wide range of products utilized particularly in finishing and sizing procedures. Apart from these chemicals, the company provides technical support to its textile customers along with products essential for special solutions. The product groups can be classified as; sizing conditioners providing elacticity and softness to the yarn, fixatives, stabilizators and dispersants-levelling agents used in dyeing process and finally emulsifiers which are essential for removal of mineral oils.
Likewise special formulations have been developed with the aim of finding solutions to jean manufacturers meeting customer requests and needs. The anti- corrosion chemicals produced for zippers is an example of these studies.

Sizing Conditioners

Sizing conditioners are used to prevent loss of elasticity in yarn during sizing process. It is particularly effective with starch based sizing materials.

Silicone and Polyetylene based Conditioners

Silicone and polyethlene based conditioners are used to impart elasticity and a soft touch to the fabrics at finishing processes.

Anionic, Cationic and Pseudo-Cationic Conditioners

General purpose conditioners can be effectively used for all kinds of fabrics including cotton and synthetic fibres at any stage of processing.


Anticreasers prevent formation of creases in scouring process.

Dispersants and Levelling Agents

Dispersing agents used in dying process enhance the results by preventing agglomeration of dyes causing a fine dispersion. Levelling agents form complexes with dyes and regulate the transfer of dyes to the fabrics.

Wetting and ScouringAgents

Wetting agents are surfactants that enable wetting of textile materials with water. Different types of wetting agents are designed for various materials such as wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics. Tailor made surfactants used for scouring any kind of textile material to remove contaminants in finishing processes are also offered.


Emulsifiers are surfactants to be used for removing oils, especially the mineral oils introduced for various reasons in textile industry.


Fixatives developed by FARPER CHEMICALS are used in order to enhance the water washing fastness of dyes which lack this property.

Ion immobilizers and Stabilizers

In dying process, scale-forming ions in process water need to be immobilized and precipitated. Immobilizers and stabilizers developed by FARPER CHEMICALS are used in order to remove scale-forming ions within the process water through precipitation with the intent of increasing water quality during dying process.