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Marine cleaning and maintenance agents developed by FARPER CHEMICALS especially for retail market have been formulated to be used for professional as well as for all types of consumption.

Rust Remover Gel X-PER Marinox 110

Marinox 110 is developed for cleaning resistant rust and corrosion stains in chrome parts of yachts and boats formed by salty water. It is a special product, which consists of mixture of concentrated strong acids. As it is in gel form, it doesn’t leak nor drip and gives excellent results in application to upright and reverse surfaces. It contains hydrofluoric and nitric acid.

Deck and Rust Cleaner X-PER Bixyphos 120

Bixyphos 120 is a concentrated product which easily cleans all heavy contaminations, exhaust stains, moss dirts, rust flux, water line and protective coating dirts on gel coated and nonslip surfaces. It is appropriate for usage with salty water. It delivers very effective results in cleaning oxide stains formed by salty water on stainless steel surfaces. It doesn’t contain nitric acid.

Aluminium Cleaner X-PER Bixy AL 130

Bixy AL 130 is a product developed for cleaning aluminium masts and other aluminium surfaces. It cleans oxidation, salt and heavy contaminations on aluminium surfaces. It is also recommended for anodized and polished aluminium. It contains <%40 phosphoric acid

Teak Cleaner X-PER Bixy Teak 140

Teak Cleaner 140 is a special formula used for cleaning teak and other valuable timber coatings. It clears away the negative effects of stain and weather conditions on timber. It isn’t flammable and doesn’t contain solvents. It doesn’t harm coat paint, glaze, filling agents and boat equipments. It is easily applicable.

Teak Protector X-PER Bixy Teak 150

Teak Protector 150 is a special formula used for cleaning teak and other valuable timber coatings. It clears away the negative effects of stain and weather conditions on timber. Its special formula prevents leakage of dieseland/or fish blood into the timber and it helps cleaning to become easier. Keeps its natural color and shiny surface against ultraviole lights. The application is easy and dries rapidly.

Fouling Remover X-PER Bixy Bottom 160

Fouling Remover 160 is a water-based acidic product that cleans easiliy and removes all fouling, mussels, insects and clams that sticks on the bottom of the vessel. Due to its viscous structure, it readily holds on to the surface.

Boat Wash X-PER Bixy Wash 210

Bixy Wash 210 is a concentrated product that can be used in cleaning all fiberglass and painted surfaces, in the cleanup of windows, light port, chrome and aluminium surfaces. An effective result and a shiny surface is attained following usage. It is a special product which functions both in salty water and fresh water. It has a formula that doesn’t contain solvents and strong acids and decomposes in nature. Includes <%15 nonionic active substance.

Bilge and Engine Cleaner X-PER Bixy Bilge 220

Bixy Bilge 220 has a formula which dissolves all kinds of bilge dirt such as oil, grease, gasoline and diesel. It breaks up residue formation. It is easily applicable and doesn’t harm painted or varnished surfaces. It contains <%20 nonionic active substance.

Fabric and Leather Cleaner X-PER Bixy Fabric 230

Bixy Fabric 230 is a concentrated product which presents effective results in cleaning clothes, leather, vinyl, carpets and upholstery. It easily cleans coffee, tea, nicotine, oil, mold, blood and water stains. It cleans thoroughly, doesn’t fade colors and gives no harm. It is applicable to waterproof canvas, vinyl and leather upholstery, raincoats and marine clothes. It gives a sense of cleanliness for a long period of time with its natural odor. It contains <%20 nonionic active substance.

Fender and Boat Cleaner X-PER Bixy Fender 310

Bixy Fender 310 is suitable for hypalon, PVC, fiberglass, rubber and plastic products. It wipes away all sorts of oxidation, dirt and stain formed on the boat and fender. It forms a protective layer on the surface. It protects against salt and UV rays. It contains organic solvent mixture. It is appropriate for professional usage.

Toilet Treatment X-PER Bixy WC 410

Bixy WC 410 is a concentrated product which renders an effective and immediate result in waste water tanks and portable toilets. It disintegrates solid wastes biologically leaving a pleasant fragrance behind. It cleans all parts from the point of application to the waste water tank, inhibits unpleasant odor formation and adhesion problems in the valves. It doesn’t contain silicone nor formaldehyde.